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Courses and Schedules

Master Class
Basic Principles in Makeup Artistry We offer both
Day and Night Classes

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Start with The Master Class For Basic Principles

You have the desire, friends have told you how great your makeup looks , or you’ve done makeup on your family and friends and notice you have a natural gift in makeup application. A career in Makeup Artistry could be yours. All of our GMMA students start with the Master Class. In the Master Class, you are certified a Professional Makeup Artist upon successful completion. This is a 40 hour course designed to provide you with the basic principles of makeup artistry. Purchase this course by scrolling down below and start your career in the exciting field of makeup at the Gwynnis Mosby Makeup Academy!

We Offer Day, Night and Weekend Classes

Gwynnis Mosby started "Gwynnis Innovative Looks and Face Design" in 1993. Many of her students have gone on to become seasoned professional makeup artists working in film, TV, and theater and high fashion photography and print.

Current Class Schedules

Gwynnis Mosby started "Gwynnis’ Innovative Looks and Face Design" in 1993. Many of her students have gone on to become seasoned professional makeup artists working in film, TV, and theater and high fashion photography and print.

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Day Schedule - MON. - FRI., 9am - 4pm
April 1, 2019
May 6, 2019
June 3, 2019
July 8, 2019
July 20-21, 27-28/2019
**This class meets two consecutive weekends. Class Times: SAT. 10am - 8pm, SUN. 10pm-8pm
Night Schedule - 2 week schedule (*same 40 clock hours as day class)
May 13, 2019
August 19, 2019
**Each of the two weeks follows the schedule below
MON., TUES., (Off WED.), THURS., FRI, 6PM-9PM and SAT. 10AM-4PM
April 6, 2019
May 4, 2019
June 1, 2019
May 5, 2019
August 11, 2019
May 12, 2019
August 18, 2019
April 7-8, 2019
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BODY Painting CLASS I (Intro)

BODY Painting CLASS II (Advanced)
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Special Effects (FX)
One week course. TBA 

Eyelash Extention Class

Fantasy Class
Taught By Celebrity MUA Keitric Starks
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2019 CONFERENCES (Buy Discount GMMA Student Tickets Now!!)

PMAC - Professional Makeup Artist Conference (PMAC) - Makeup Artist Competetion - Awards Show

April 27-28,  2019



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Class101: Basic Principles in Makeup Artistry
This class builds a strong foundation in the basic techniques of beauty makeup artistry. Short lectures, video presentations, and live demonstrations are followed by guided practice emphasizing the individual elements of makeup application, important factors to learn before taking any of our more advanced makeup classes. This course is recommended for beginners and artists who have worked as a counter salesperson and lack technical training from professional makeup artist schools. The course includes:

History of Makeup

Reshaping with Highlighting & Contouring

The Essential Principles of Application

The Effects of Lighting

Artistic Color Theory

Current Looks & Trends

Sanitation & The Tools of the Trade

Custom Blending Foundation

Facial Geometry & Corrective Techniques

Mature Makeup

Brow Shaping & Design

Corrective Camouflage

Problematic Lip Shapes & Correction

False Eyelash Application

Corrective Application on Different Eye Types

Successful Skills in Retail Artistry

Skin Care & Primers

Multi-Cultural Makeup

A makeup kit is required.  The students are encouraged to purchase a kit from the academy which has a retail value of over $650.  Case is included. 

Master Class Cost:  $900.00 
Duration:  5 days
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Master Class Deposit: $450.00 
(Balance of $450.00 Due By First Day Of Class)
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Makeup Kit:  $450 


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*Evening Classes available also.  Please see schedule


Class103: (Pre-requisite) Basic Principles in Makeup Artistry or Qualified Field Work and experience as working makeup artist (pre-interview required (phone or in-person). 

Airbrushing make-up is the preferred technique for digital photography and HDTV (high definition television). Those specializing in print-work, fashion, and bridal makeup need to master this skill.  Airbrushing provides a camera-ready velvety texture in a quarter of the time it takes to do traditional makeup application. This class covers basic application (including eye makeup, blush, and lip color) and airbrush tanning.

You will learn how to choose an airbrush that will give you the best results and what brands of makeup work best for specific types of looks. This course emphasizes hands-on practical care and maintenance of airbrush equipment, dexterity exercises, theory and practice.

Increase your professional and creative potential. Sign up today! 

Cost:  $250
Duration:  1 days
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 BODY ART - LEVEL 1 - Introduction

Class113: Fundamentals of Body Art is an in depth guide to creating beautiful works of art for the human form.  On the practical level you will be taught guidelines for when to use specific products and how best to make them last with physical activity, how to lay a base coat and set the final paint, how to make stencils and safety and sanitation. On the creative side you will learn easy techniques for creating designs with brushes, how to apply and remove alternative products, such as metallics and 3D objects, and you will be shown professional techniques for specialty body paint application including the application of UV/Flourescent paint and how to light it. Through this course you will be given the fundamentals tools of what is needed to produce gorgeous body art for any body.

A basic body art kit is included in this session.

Cost:  $400
Duration:  1 week
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Class104: LEVEL 2 expands your existing airbrushing knowledge and techniques with a variety of high-fashion editorial and trendy looks for face and body. This course emphasizes hands-on practice and detail work.  You will explore the different types of airbrushes, maintenance, air sources, safety issues, painting surfaces, preparation, color mixing and airbrush media. As the workshop progresses you will explore the art of stenciling, masking, shading and highlighting for dimension and blending and layering colors to build a dynamic and balanced composition. You will also learn how to create quick and easy scenes from scratch in a matter of minutes using shields, templates and various freehand techniques. You will learn how to airbrush correctly to achieve various effects and maximize output using the ideal air pressure specific to any application. The possibilities are endless!

A photographic session is included in this package.  Students must purchase airbrush machine with makeup separately, or if you have one already confirm with instructor beforehand. 

Cost: $450
Duration: 2 days
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Advanced – Level 1

Class105: Intro to makeup artistry for TV and Film. History of TV & Film Makeup ( Learning about those who paved the way); color Theory. Warm Colors VS Cool Colors.  Color Temperature.  Seasonal Looks and how they apply to skin tone and hair color. Face shape System; how it works and why we use it.  Studio and set lighting; Set Terminology

Cost: $450.00
Duration: 2 days
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Class106: This course is an introduction to 'camera ready' makeup for photography: bridal, special events, print work and runway. Students learn the looks of ‘Clean Beauty’, ‘Glamour’, ‘Fashion’ and ‘High Fashion’. Video presentations and demonstrations bring the various techniques to life. Students learn how to adapt the makeup for in-studio photo shoots, outdoor events, or runway. They learn the on-set protocols and the business skills necessary to work with photographers, designers, and models. They also learn how to market their services, create bridal contracts and develop a thriving bridal business.

Cost: $450
Duration: 2 days
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Class107: This makeup class is for those looking to start a financially satisfying career as a Bridal Makeup Artist. Bridal Makeup is a fun and exciting way to combine your love of makeup with a great way of generating an income! Your makeup training will include how to do makeup on brides, color coordination and special techniques for Bridal Makeup. This makeup class will focus on distinctive Bridal Makeup looks. You will learn step-by-step corrective makeup techniques for difficult situations. You will learn how to advertise and promote your services to brides. You will learn the application techniques for making a bride look beautiful on her wedding day.

Cost: $350
Duration:  1 Day
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Class108: This makeup class focuses on the focal point of the face, the eyes. Considered the windows to the soul, eyes can make the most important and dramatic impact to anyone's appearance.
Your makeup training will explore color theory.  Learn color schemes as they relate to art principles. See ways to correct problem areas. Learn the basic, easy steps needed to approach this area of makeup. See a brief overview of eyebrow shapes and learn how to shape perfect brows and apply lashes, individual and strip.  See the colors and shapes that accentuate ethnic eyes.

You must bring tools and makeup to class. An eye kit may be purchased for $100 if you do not have your own kit, i.e., makeup brushes eyeshadows, lashes, pencils,  etc.

Cost: $375
Duration:  1 Day
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Class109: Eyelash Extensions Styling is an amazing business on its own. Students quickly realize their income potential as future lash boutique owners. This one day course will teach professional ethics and hygiene, product and tool knowledge, basic anatomy of the eye area, adhesive knowledge, preparing a client station, eyelash application, marketing and pricing. The eyelash extension kit costs $300.  The training acquired in this class will prepare you to offer artist services in the fields of film, tv, editorial, freelance, salon, spa, or bridal work.

Cost: $700
Duration: 1 day
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Class110: Beauty Fantasy makeup must never be confused with high fashion or with stylized character-type facial painting. The first step to creating a successful beauty fantasy makeup is to understand that the beauty of the subject’s facial features must be retained throughout the process. This course will teach you the tools of the trade in the field of makeup.  A photo session is included with this class.  Students must bring there own makeup kits.  If needed, kits are available for purchase. 

Cost:  $350
Duration:  1 day
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Class111: Students take an inventory of their artistic and technical skills as they explore career opportunities. A thorough critique of each individual’s skills and career goals prepares each student to enter the job market as a professional makeup artist. This course is like “boot camp” for a freelance makeup artist. Students acquire the knowledge to work in many different venues meeting the demands of both clients and employers.
This course covers business management, marketing and promotion. Students learn how to file taxes, obtain necessary licenses, and create a personal marketing plan and strategy.  Students will learn how to create a winning portfolio and an e-portfolio.

Cost:  $200
Duration:  1 day
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Advanced – Level 2
***Pre-requisite (TV and Film, Level 1), or proven field experience.  Pre-interview required (phone or in person).

Cost:  $800
Duration: 2 Weeks
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Class112: Special training is necessary for those who wish to work in the theater, film & television industries. A makeup artist’s job is to help create characters from all time periods in every walk of life. This course teaches the necessary skills to transform actors into whatever the script requires. Students learn how to break down a script, plan the makeup prior to the shooting of scenes to ensure accurate continuity and many elements of special makeup effects icluding:

Character Design & Execution

Rubber Bald Cap Construction

Breaking Down the Script

Bald Cap Application & Coloring

Creating a Continuity Journal

Vinyl Bald Cap Application

Injury Simulation: Scratches, Lacerations and Scars

Period Makeup & Researching a Project

Bullet Entrance and Exit Wounds

Working with Various Types of Hair

Bruises and 1st,2nd,3rd Degree Burns

Floating a Beard

Trauma Injuries & Compound Fractures FX

Ice FX

Tattoo Application

Creating Artificial Teeth

Character Aging with Highlight & Shadow

Creating Gelatin Prosthetics

Stretch & Stipple Aging

Applying Prosthetic Appliances